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Addison Home Office Lobby. Photo courtesy of Solis Mammography.
Addison Home Office lobby. Photo courtesy of Solis Mammography.

Health is of utmost importance, and taking the necessary steps towards continued health is something everyone should be considering. This means taking annual visits to the doctor, maintaining an active lifestyle and scheduling mammograms once a year. At Solis Mammography, women can leave with peace of mind, as radiologists receive extra training when it comes to interpreting results. Solis understands that putting yourself first is essential, and for 30 years, they’ve been making your well-being a priority.

In 1986, Dr. Timothy Freer opened Solis’ first Women’s Diagnostic Center in Plano, Texas – though not yet known as the Solis brand. With a strong passion for his work and patients, the business blossomed and began to expand throughout the DFW Metroplex. But 2005 was one of the company’s biggest years – the Solis brand we’re so familiar with today took shape, and the practice launched a renewed effort to provide state-of-the-art mammography services to women across the country. “Today, Solis has more than 30 breast-dedicated centers serving five major markets: North Texas; Houston, Texas; Phoenix Arizona; Columbus, Ohio; and Greensboro, North Carolina,” proudly states Connie Oliver, Solis’ Vice President of Marketing and Client Relations. “All Solis centers share a common goal – to provide women with access to exceptionally accurate, patient-focused and compassionate breast screening and diagnostic services.”

At Solis Mammography, they’re committed to fulfilling their mission to provide state-of-the-art breast imaging services. They strive to ensure every patient served has an exceptional experience, exceptionally accurate results, and a Peace of Mind Mammogram. “This purpose is achieved through state-of-the-art imaging services, research-based clinical protocols, dedicated specialists in breast imaging, warm, modern, non-institutional centers of care, patient-centric behaviors and services, a culture of continuous improvement, recruiting and retaining the best people in the industry, and finally – being responsible to all those who depend on us – patients, team members, families, partners, communities, and investors,” says Oliver.

But why does Solis Mammography place such an emphasis on these aspects of the practice? Because they know that optimal health and quality of life is a precious gift. And while other facilities may offer breast health services, Solis specializes in this area. Their team of nationally renowned, breast dedicated radiologists spend more than 90% of their time reading mammograms, which ultimately results in a significant increase in accuracy. Additionally, Solis aims to remove stress from the process by ensuring “real-time online scheduling 24/7, a contact center that’s open 13 hours per day, Monday through Friday, tablet registration, a home-like (non-clinical) environment in [each center], and fast results.” When scheduling a mammogram isn’t so daunting, women are far less likely to avoid it, and that means a lady’s health and lifestyle benefits!

So, when can you visit Solis for a mammogram? Once a year! And if there is any confusion, Solis is happy to educate women on the facts, so that they can make an informed decision based on their unique health history and recommendations of their physician.

Each patient certainly benefits from scheduling a mammogram with Solis Mammography, but Oliver adds that serving the community through this line of work is just as rewarding. “At Solis our team members are united by a sincere passion to help serve women in an important area of health and wellness.” For those women “all clear for another year,” the company celebrates, and to those women receiving results in need of further attention, “we take great pride in helping them find it as early as possible – so their options can be as easy as possible.”

Solis team members are trained and equipped to help women through stressful times, and their assistance does not go unnoticed. “The most fulfilling reward we can get is the feedback from patients who tell us how much our service has meant to them personally,” informs Oliver. Their online portal collects this information and allows the company to see that they’re on the right track and where they can improve.

Today, there may be more than 30 Solis breast-dedicated centers in the country, but the company calls one place home – the North Dallas Corridor. Being the founding place of the Solis business, it is the largest market they serve. It’s also centrally located (easily accessible to the 18 Solis centers spread about North Texas), offers business space suitable for the home office, and popular among Solis team members who enjoy the amenities and conveniences of the community. But Oliver adds one more spectacular aspect of being headquartered here in the North Dallas Corridor, “Our home office had room to grow, supporting our business operations which are currently growing at a rapid pace.” Growing because Solis continues to seek out new markets where women can benefit from specialized breast imaging services. “Our goal is to grow to 90 centers within the next five years.”

We wish Solis Mammography the best, and hope they’re successful in satisfying this goal!

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