Brantley Cleaners: Dry Cleaning Services that Delivery

Brantley Cleaners
Brantley Cleaners has been in the North Dallas Corridor for the past 30 years and offers dry cleaning, delivery services and commercial services. Photo courtesy Brantley Cleaners.

Along the 5000 block of Belt Line Road lies Brantley Cleaners, a family owned business that has delivered a premium service to the North Dallas Corridor for 30 years. The dry cleaning service company has become a staple in the community, but it hasn’t been easy over the past three decades.

In 2008, the recession struck like a plague and dissolved many business relationships that Brantley Cleaners forged over the years with hotels, apartments, businesses, schools, hospitals and restaurants. “The Cleaner that Cares” would not go gentle into that good night as many other businesses succumbed to the coupe de grace delivered by the recession. Brantley Cleaners adapted, made cut backs, improvements and survived.

Now, Brantley Cleaners has transitioned from a basic dry cleaners to commercial uses, deliveries and much more, but the road to success was not paved in roses.

What distinguishes Brantley Cleaners from a traditional dry cleaning business is that family is sewn into the fabric of the business. Decades ago, Zeb and Ali Hashambhai, owners of Brantley Cleaners, relocated to America to better the lives of their children – Aamir and Sunita. While living in California, Zeb worked at a dry cleaners for an old married couple, where she learned every aspect of the dry cleaning business. The family left California for Dallas, Zeb found employment at another dry cleaners and the family was presented with an unlikely business proposition. The owner of the dry cleaners lost his taste for the business and opened the door for Zeb and her family to take over the business — and they haven’t looked back.

Today, Brantley Cleaners offers a multitude of services. The convenience of their complimentary pickup and delivery service earns the loyalty of their customers; the service is offered from Plano to Dallas. Each family member (mother, father, son and daughter) play a pivotal role in the business. Someone from the family vigorously checks the quality of the cleaning, buttons and minor repairs before any items leaves the facility. Zeb can spot an imperfection from across the room. Sunita focuses on branding.

“All of our staff is highly trained and have been with us for multiple years,” according to Aamir Hashambhai, vice president of Brantley Cleaners. “They know what is expected and that quality is our number one priority.”

“We have added additional equipment over the years to service leather, suede, furs and rugs,” says Sunita. “We also take care of all sorts of alterations.”

Brantley Cleaners is no doubt a one stop shop.

Alvin, a high-functioning Game of Thrones zealot, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English with a focus in Creative Writing from Texas Tech University. Labeled the Bane of the North, his passion for creative expression is satisfied by opportunities to write on a freelance basis. A video gaming juggernaut by day and a J. Crew enthusiast by night, Alvin enjoys exploring trendy nightlife spots, museums and going to music festivals.

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5 thoughts on “Brantley Cleaners: Dry Cleaning Services that Delivery

  1. Thank you so much for publishing this article about our Dry Cleaners. We are always grateful and appreciate to the Town of Addison for their support as well as all of our loyal clients! We would not be where we are without you. Thank you once again from my family!

  2. I am one of Brantley Cleaners clients and I have always been satisfied with the quality of service provided. The fact that my clothes are cleaned at the location that I leave them is reassuring. No lost articles. The smile and “how are you?” from Zeb is welcoming and I always feel like she is genuinely glad to see me. Brantley is a real asset in the Addison community.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! It is really awesome hearing about successful small businesses like this that focus on helping the customer. The fact that they deliver and pick up the clothes for dry cleaning is really awesome! In fact, I think I’d like a service like that. My husband has a ton of work clothes that can only be dry cleaned, so a pickup service would be very useful! Plus, we wouldn’t be able to forget about the clothes since they drop it off as well.

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