Jack Black Men’s Grooming Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary

Jack Black Men's Grooming Products
Jack Black Men’s Grooming is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Jack Black products are high-end men’s care products available at upscale retailers around the North Dallas Corridor. Photo courtesy Jack Black Men’s Grooming.

For years, legions of men have awaken each morning, brushed their teeth, splashed water on their faces before heading out the door for work — as if that were sufficient. Words such as exfoliate and moisturize were bereft from their vernacular or considered Latin in their minds. Fortunately, Curran Dandurand, her husband Jeff, and Emily Dalton aspired to fill the void in men’s skin care and grooming. In the year 2000, Jack Black was founded to lead men to the fountain of youth by offering high quality, easy-to-use grooming products for men. Due to their success, Jack Black Men’s Grooming is celebrating 15 years in the business.

Jack Black, not to be confused with the “School of Rock” Jack Black, propelled men’s grooming from the doldrums of existence. Their products are sold in popular locations and distinguished, upscale retailers throughout the North Dallas Corridor like The Boardroom Salon for Men and Sebastian’s Closet.

“We use and recommend Jack Black products for skin care,” says Lauren Rachel, the Marketing Manager at The Boardroom Salon for Men. “All Boardroom facials include the use of Jack Black skin care products. The Boardroom offers The Executive facial which is a cleansing face treatment that will leave your skin refreshed and revitalized.”

Jack Black products play a prominent role in The Boardroom’s services. Each of the 18 Boardroom salons order Jack Black products regularly and feature the products everyday during their facial services. To accommodate the needs of clients who understand the difference between premium quality and mediocrity, Boardroom offers a wide array of Jack Black products including facial cleansers, moisturizers, beard and shaving care, lip and eye care, body washes, cologne and gift sets.

Premium ingredients are incorporated in Jack Black products. Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer uses blue algae that is ripe with vitamin E to reduce skin redness. Macadamia oil in the Beard Lube moistens hair follicles, so the stubble grows in softer and less itchy. Furthermore, Jack Black products uses the latest technologies to ensure that men have the best possible skin care and grooming products.

Unless born with the flawless face of Brad Pitt, men should leave the barbarous grooming techniques, or lack their of, in the Stone Age. Change your life by incorporating Jack Black products into your grooming routine. Help Jack Black celebrate their wonderful 15 year anniversary by picking up some of their awesome products.

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