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By on September 4, 2014
Southward Apparel

Southward Apparel features Southern (and particularly Texas) style clothing. Photo courtesy Southward Apparel.

Southward Apparel has become a favorite of boho up and coming fashionistas like Courtney Kerr — people who feel that no one should have to sacrifice comfort to look great. The brand started when two young friends, Miranda Ward and Samantha Pace, set out at 23 years old to start their own business. The girls kept their day jobs, working full time during the day, but spent every night trying to make Southward Apparel a reality.

The brand’s designs seem to be made for Texas girls and with good reason. Pace and Ward are born and bred Texans, graduated from the University of Texas in Austin in 2011, and the brand is still based in Texas. The designs blend southern and L.A. style, resulting in women’s apparel that is both comfortable and trendy.

At the heart of Southward Apparel is an assortment of graphic tops that can be easily paired with anything that is already in any woman’s closet. No need to buy an entire outfit to accommodate one new piece. Not unless you really want to, anyway. Past collections, last year’s in particular, have been heavily Texas-themed. A plain shirt featuring a faded image of the Lone Star flag and the words “Stars & Stripes”; and a comfy sweater in a sweet pink shade with “Kiss Me, I’m Texan” across the front are a few examples.

The fall collection this year is not quite as Texas-centric, including more cheeky Southern-isms like “I do declare!”. The season favorite, however, is Texan through and through. The white “Marfa” v-neck tee can be paired with absolutely anything. Go full country with jeans and boots or mix in a little East Coast and throw on dark skinny jeans, booties and let the shirt peep from underneath a sleek blazer.

Southward Apparel adds a bit of fun to any outfit and is available both online and at retail outlets in the North Dallas Corridor.

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