Three Ways to Celebrate World Health Day

By on April 7, 2014
Today is World Health Day. See what you can you do to get yourself healthy this year.

Today is World Health Day. See what you can you do to get yourself healthy this year.

Health experts and the media bring important information about wellness and exercise to our attention on a much more regular basis than in the past. Therefore it is no wonder that as a result, not just our community, our state and our nation – but the world has chosen to celebrate the topics. Today is World Health Day and we’d like to share what a North Dallas Corridor doctor has to say about being healthy.

“We’ve become more sedentary as a society with respect to our jobs and our entertainment with advancements in technology and the internet,” said Christopher Blewett, M.D., an internal medicine physician on the medical staff at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano. “There are so many distractions and options that keep us from getting up and being active. By having a World Health Day it reminds us to get up and be active.”

If you are not an active person to begin with (like myself) you might be wondering how to get started living a more active lifestyle. And even if you are a fitness expert, the following three tips from Blewett might be a brush up for you.

Define your goals and believe in yourself. What do you want to do? Be specific and be realistic about your goals. Write them down. Start small, work up and then add on. You will have good days, great days and a few bad days, but don’t give up.

Join a group, a class or get a workout partner. Whether this is at a gym, church group, running club, it will be much easier if you have someone to motivate and encourage you during times where you may be tempted to crawl back in bed. Likewise you will be more motivated by not wanting to let your buddy down. Fitness and running stores in the area are good resources. They often have social runs and rides with people from all different fitness levels, from beginner to advanced.

Take care of your body. Warm up and cool down properly. Start by walking for a few minutes to get your muscles warmed up and then do dynamic stretching, rather than stretching cold muscles. Stretch afterward as well. If you are at a loss for what form of exercise is best, or have no idea where to begin, just get moving Blewett said.

“For some people that is running or walking, others prefer cycling. Crossfit and Yoga appeal to other individuals,” Blewett said. “Don’t be afraid to mix it up and cross train. Think back to when you were a kid and you just played after school or during the summer. You didn’t do the same thing every day; you did what you enjoyed. We need more of that childlike enthusiasm as adults.”

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