Heart Health tips for American Heart Month

By on February 3, 2014
February is American Heart Health Month. Make sure you keep your heart healthy.

February is American Heart Month. Make sure you keep your heart healthy.

It is painful and frustrating to watch a loved one or friend go through heart attack or stroke recovery. Frustrating because we know preventative care exists. There are preventative steps to take to getting your heart healthy. Steps the American Heart Association hopes to bring to attention during American Heart Month.

“It’s always important — especially during American Heart Month in February — that we take time to bring awareness of heart and cardiovascular disease because it is the leading cause of death for both men and women — particularly those over age 50,” said Robert Duhaney, M.D. of Internal Medicine of Addison, a Texas Health Physicians Group practice.

According to Dr. Duhaney, although we have improved the detection and treatment of heart disease with medications and stents, for example, about 600,000 people still die from heart disease in the U.S. each year — almost one out of every four deaths.

Do you know the best way to keep your heart healthy? We are providing a few general steps to keeping your heart healthy. Remember, the best preventative heart care is visiting your doctor for regular checkups.

Interventional Cardiologist S. Raju Kosuri, M.D., F.A.C.C., of Dallas Medical Center, suggests the following steps you can take in the fight against heart disease.

Step 1.: Get regular exercise.

Step 2: Make small dietary changes by decreasing saturated fat and adding fruits and vegetables.

Step 3: Stop smoking.

“Preventive care and screening can help avoid plaque build up of the arteries that can lead to heart attack or stroke,” Dr. Kosuri said. “That is why it is so important to work with your doctor or healthcare provider to control risk factors such as cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes.”

Dr. Duhaney adds the following steps to this list:

Step 4: Limit alcohol use.

Step 5: Know your cholesterol level.

You can take these steps to lessen your chances of developing hear disease. Helping yourself can be as easy as getting regular exercise and making dietary changes. Find out more of what you can do to help yourself at www.heart.org.

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