Addison Athletic Club: An Amazing Amenity


The Addison Athletic Club is available for Addison residents for only $10 for a lifetime membership. Photo courtesy the Town of Addison.
The Addison Athletic Club is available for Addison residents for only $10 for a lifetime membership. Photo courtesy the Town of Addison.

Addison Athletic Club provides Addison residents a fun environment to get healthy and make new friends by offering special events and programs for all ages. The Beltway Drive recreation center currently has about 3,500 members. About 400 members come in on the busiest of days, and it’s easy to see why the athletic club is so popular.

Becoming a member is a cinch. Simply present valid identification, proof of residency, and pay a one time $10 fee to gain access to all of the athletic club’s many amenities. Bring the kids for a pool day at one of the indoor or outdoor swimming pools, go for a run on one of the outdoor trails, grab another couple for a doubles match on the tennis court, play racquetball on one of the four courts, or knock out your morning workout in the gym and weight room. Bring a non-member guest for as little as $8. Really, how many regular gyms can offer the same perks at that price?

Gyms have classes, you say? Do they also have holiday potluck lunches and movie clubs? When it comes to keeping fit and having fun, it’s all about options. The Addison Athletic Club offers a seasonal selection of fitness classes, social clubs, and tons of fun activities for the kids. Everything from a class on how to play bridge to zumba is on the list. Pick up the new edition of the athletic club’s brochure each season to see what’s new. Sign up for a challenging spin class, or take it down a notch with joint-friendly water aerobics. Members can get the most out of their workouts by signing up to work with one of the club’s personal trainers or run solo on the treadmill.

The key to a healthy, happy life is consistency, and the Addison Athletic Club has so many options that members will never get bored with their routines.

For more information on the Addison Athletic Club, visit their website.

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