Executive Toastmasters Club Toasting to Public Speaking Here in Addison

The Dallas branch of the Executive Toastmasters Club meets here in Addison at The Egg & I Wednesday mornings. Photo courtesy Executive Toastmasters Club.
The Dallas branch of the Executive Toastmasters Club meets here in Addison at The Egg & I Wednesday mornings. Photo courtesy Executive Toastmasters Club.

Statistics state that the No. 1 fear among human beings – above all others, even death – is public speaking. Simply put, a majority of the population would rather be dead than go up on stage for a small frame of time and deliver a speech. Seems fairly unhealthy to create such a buildup of anxiety over something so trivial, now doesn’t it?

The Dallas branch of the Executive Toastmasters Club has the cure. And wouldn’t you know it, they meet right here in Addison.

Executive Toastmasters Club has been benefiting members of its community since 1924, when it was first established by Ralph C. Smedley in Santa Ana, California. So how did it reach Texas, you ask yourself? Toastmasters is not purely local; in fact, it’s an international club which can be found in most cities across the U.S. and even worldwide.

But every Wednesday morning here in Texas at 7 a.m., members of this group gather at Addison’s The Egg & I. The purpose, according to Executive Toastmaster Club’s website, is to provide attendees with “the venue in which to learn speaking and leadership skills at your own pace under the guidance of a skilled and experienced mentor – all within the Toastmasters family.”

A lot is accomplished in the one hour weekly meetings and there is a fairly specific structure in order to keep things moving. To begin the day, the group starts with inspiration and a pledge. Shortly following, the Toastmaster of the day announces upcoming helpers such as Grammarian, Ah Counter and more. When the meeting has officially commenced, friends have said their hellos and all individuals have been introduced, the group focuses on the topic at hand.

Each meeting covers a specific topic and three speeches are prepared in advance to be evaluated by the group. “Between the speeches and evaluations there are table topics – we are asked to stand up and answer a question extemporaneously,” shares Lisa Zahn, a member and regular attendee of the Executive Toastmasters club, “After evaluations, the general evaluator gives an evaluation of the meeting and gets a report from the helpers.” Lastly, the Big T.O.W award is given out.

Zahn says “people grow tremendously as speakers and as leaders.” But that doesn’t mean they don’t have fun. She is quick to remind me that the “club dynamic is enthusiastic and professional.” With approximately 45 members locally, a majority (around 30) attend weekly meetings. The group is close knit, as is emphasized on the website by the continuous use of the word “family” to best describe the club.

If you’re curious about the club or feel you may benefit from taking part in a couple meetings, then you’re welcome to visit on any given Wednesday morning. The club is always open to the public, and Zahn states that “most visitors join the club, because they like it so much.” She even states that many have given flattering feedback and mention the Dallas club as being one of the better Executive Toastmasters Club groups they’ve attended.

As stated before, Executive Toastmasters Club is open to the public and thus is not focused on any specific individual or group of individuals. Whether you’re simply hoping to overcome your fear of delivering speeches, hoping to indulge in a fun hobby or looking to improve your skills for business purposes, Toastmasters is happy to make you apart of the family. Simply, pop on over to The Egg & I in Addison and enjoy what the group has to offer!

Countless individuals have benefited from Executive Toastmasters Club – in fact, there are a few well known Toastmasters whose names may ring a bell such as Chris Matthews, Tom Monaghan, Phillip Crosby and many more. Are you going to be the next big name to join the club?

Putting the success aside, you may question how it is that this group is so successful. What does the Executive Toastmasters Club teach you in general? What does the final product look like upon completion? Well, Toastmasters hopes to guide their members in learning and accomplishing beneficial skills such as leadership skills, communication skills, teamwork skills, listening and interpersonal skills, self critiquing skills, and pointers on how to captivate your audience’s attention. Sounds like a pretty great deal to me? In addition, you can also win a number of awards throughout your time in the club which is beneficial to any resume.  So why not give it a shot. At least stop in and see what all the fuss and fun is about!

If you haven’t attended an Executive Toastmasters Club meeting, it happens to be remarkably popular as you well know by now . “There’s definitely something special about my chosen club…” boasts long time member and Distinguished Toastmaster, Mark Siegel. Don’t believe him? Try it out for yourself and see.  After all, Siegel reminds us “it ain’t bragging if it’s fact.”

I am a Hockaday alum and graduate of Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, IN, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. I am an aspiring writer and journalist, and, as an avid reader, I constantly exercise my imagination and whet my appetite for creativity. I am outgoing and personable, and I look forward to incorporating my innate enthusiasm for creativity into my work!

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2 thoughts on “Executive Toastmasters Club Toasting to Public Speaking Here in Addison

  1. We are an Addison Toastmaster group as well. Addison Singles Toastmasters – Wednesday nights at La Madeline 7pm. How do I submit an article on our group for publication? Would love to invite those non-morning people to join us. Let me know

    Stephanie Woltwrs
    VP of PR
    Addison Singles Toastmasters

  2. To be certain, Executive Toastmasters is a local chapter of Toastmasters International. In addition to helping those who otherwise fight their fear of public speaking, Toastmasters is a fun-filled venue for those who seek to hone their verbal communication and leadership skills. Executive is an open chapter, meaning that anyone looking to improve their skills in mutually supportive environment are welcomed to visit and see if we are right for you. Visit Executive Toastmasters online at http://www.executivetm.com.

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