Addison-Based Daseke Inc. Merges with Boyd Bros. Companies

Don Daseke, CEO of Daseke Inc., and the Boyd Bros. leadership team. Photo courtesy Daseke Inc.
Don Daseke, CEO of Daseke Inc., and the Boyd Bros. leadership team. Photo courtesy Daseke Inc.

Daseke Inc. is one of North America’s premier open-deck/specialty transportation companies and they are based right here in Addison. Like many other businesses, Daseke Inc. planted their roots here in Addison with the hopes of nurturing their business and facilitating future growth. Well, grow they certainly did; just recently, the company merged with Boyd Bros. Companies, allowing Daseke Inc. to expand their business into areas such as Alabama and Iowa, and as a result, creating one of the largest open-deck/specialty transportation fleets in North America.

Daseke Inc. began with “two men with deep Addison roots,” says Don Daseke, Chairman and CEO of Daseke Inc. So, how did two men create one of the largest – and still growing – trucking companies? According to Don, it’s simple, “[We] invest in people.” He elaborates, stating that “In 2008, I was offered the opportunity to acquire a specialized trucking company headquartered near Seattle, Smokey Point Distributing (a significant supplier to Boeing). Well, I fell in love with people. From there, Daseke had no intention to do anything other than to help Smokey Point Distributing be the best company it could be.” Yet, there was a change of plans and it was for the absolute best.

One of the Daseke Inc. trucks. Photo courtesy Daseke Inc.
One of the Daseke Inc. trucks. Photo courtesy Daseke Inc.

As Don Daseke gained more knowledge, through study of the industry, he realized there was much more that he could accomplish, much more that had great significance. At the time, there was no national carrier that was capable of serving the needs of shippers who hoped to transport “large, cumbersome and high value loads such as aircraft parts and wings, oil drilling equipment, heavy construction and agricultural equipment, oversized items like concrete panels for stadiums, large mining tires and building materials.” So, Daseke set out to accommodate those requirements. That’s when Daseke joined with E.W. Wylie of West Fargo, ND, which doubled the company’s size practically overnight, and he realized with a business so large he might need a little assistance. So, naturally, he teamed up with Addison’s former Mayor, Scott Wheeler, a friend of his for years as a result of shared Addison civic activities.

The company’s expansion continued to grow rapidly, when in 2013 – a banner year for growth, according to Don – added J. Grady Randolph of Gaffney, South Carolina, and Central Oregon Truck Company of Redmond, Oregon, to the bunch. This November, with the addition of Boyd Bros. Companies, Daseke Inc. made a true impact. “Daseke Inc. was particularly strong in with Western U.S. and Canada while Boyd was was particularly strong in the Eastern U.S. and Mexico,” the Chairman claims. The merge has, as expected, increased the amount of equipment available for customers as well, “more than 2,000 tractors and 3,600 trailers are available to [our] customers. The combination puts [us] well into the top five in open-deck/specialty carriers, in terms of vehicle count and revenue,” the press release writes.

How is Boyd Bros. feeling about the combination? Well, luckily, the two companies have similar mentalities, as CEO of Boyd Bros. makes a similar claim to that of Daseke, “first and foremost, we are true believers that people make the difference,” Gail Cooper, Boyd’s CEO, continues “it’s important to retain the family name, culture and fiber in our legacy, which dates back to my father who started this business with his brothers in 1956. We at Boyd have high integrity with a solid moral compass. This led us to partnership with Daseke Inc., which will strength all of us, while better serving our customers.” That certainly sounds like a match made in heaven, now doesn’t it?

A map of the U.S. with companies acquired by Daseke Inc. spanning the company from coast to coast. Photo courtesy Daseke Inc.
A map of the U.S. with companies acquired by Daseke Inc. spanning the company from coast to coast. Photo courtesy Daseke Inc.

Addison is home for this company, so it only seems fair to wonder about how the merge with Boyd Bros. Company will affect the Town. Well, the company assures those who are curious that “[they] will not see hundreds of open-deck 18 wheelers rolling through and parking.” No, because according to Scott Wheeler, Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer of Daseke Inc., “Addison is our corporate headquarters, the operating companies continue to operate autonomously from their original locations,” an aspect of the company that both men, Don Daseke and Scott Wheeler, take great pride in. The company states that they individuals do not lose their jobs over the merge, instead, as Don Daseke claimed before, the company has created additional positions because they “invest in people.”

Addison is very excited to learn about the growth of yet another one of their corporate family members. Furthermore, for a company with such a strong moral compass and strong understanding of the value of each employee, it’s exciting for all those affected by the merge. It seems as though the year 2014 has given the company much to look forward to, and even more to aim towards.

For more about Daseke Inc., visit their website.

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