Communities Foundation of Texas’ North Texas Giving Day

There are many local nonprofit organizations and business participating in North Texas Giving Day. Photo courtesy
There are many local nonprofit organizations and business participating in North Texas Giving Day. Photo courtesy

Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013, will be a day within North Texas filled purely with gift giving and insurmountable support and recognition of those in need. It will be a day festooned with performances by Mexican folk dancers, Lone Star Wind Orchestra, Singing Girls of Texas, Academy Dance Company, Dallas Black Dancers and many more. With so much activity and excitement, I bet you’re wondering what is attracting all the attention – the answer is simple, it’s North Texas Giving Day.

North Texas Giving Day is a one-day, online “annual fundraising event that has pumped more than $34.4 million into the community in four years,” according to Covenant Kids’ website – a participating charity in the annual event.  Beginning bright and early, at 7 a.m., Communities Foundation of Texas will be accepting donations throughout the day – Midnight being the closing point. Last year, the event raised $14.4 million dollars for 927 local nonprofits. This year, with more than 1,400 local nonprofits, they’re hoping to beat their record and achieve a goal of $17.5 million. And for those who are unfamiliar, this year is another milestone for Communities Foundation of Texas, because they’re not just building up the community; they’re also celebrating 60 years of fundraising.

So who will be making an appearance at the party? For starters, “La Madeleine is passionate about giving back to the community – especially to those in their own backyard,” John Cahill, Chief Operating Officer at La Madeleine, stated in a press release. Like many of North Texas Giving Day supporters, La Madeleine feels “the most rewarding aspect of participation is seeing the difference a great event like North Texas Giving Day can make in the lives of our friends and neighbors.” This year, La Madeleine is teaming up and donating to an organization they’ve been involved with in the past – since 2011 to be exact – Make A Way Charities; and they’re truly looking forward to impacting North Texas in a positive way. They’re track record certainly supports their passion, as they have “participated in several fundraising events, raising more than $40,000 for the organization. “

Needless to say, Communities Foundation of Texas is thrilled with the numerous efforts by similarly zealous companies. Companies with a desire to give back are exactly what North Texas Giving Day calls for, because as Carol Goglia, Director of Marketing and Communications at Communities Foundation of Texas, so eloquently articulated, “North Texas Giving Day is the one day we can all come together and make a strong statement about the people doing great work to support our community, making it a great place to live, work and play.”

Indeed, Thursday, Sept. 19, will leave a mark on multiple levels. For those planning on donating $25 or more, on, bonus funds and prizes are raised by Communities Foundation of Texas. For those participating nonprofits, the day is not only a great fundraising tool, but a wonderful chance to reach new donors as a result. And while North Texas Giving Day is primarily an online event, but Communities Foundation of Texas also offers several donation stations across the Metroplex.

Nonprofits participating in North Texas Giving Day located here in the Corridor include Baal Dan Charities, Strong Marriages, Executives in Action, Project Walk Dallas, Epilepsy Foundation of Texas, Greenhill School, Trinity Christian Academy, WaterTower Theatre, Helps International, Dallas Tennis Association, Operation Kindness, The American Fallen Soldiers Project, LaunchAbility, Parish Episcopal School, Center for Spiritual Living and much more. See the full list when you donate today.

So, as you rise out of your bed this morning, don’t forget to make a quick stop by your computer and send over out a donation or two – encourage family, friends and neighbors to do the same. And, if you find the day is yours to claim, then head on over to the donation station closest to you, and then top off your evening with some champagne and celebrations! There’s nothing more satisfying than supporting your community and putting forth your own individual efforts to better North Texas as a whole!

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