Benefits of a Mud Pack Facial or Mask

By on September 27, 2013

Mud pack facials are a great way to replenish your skin with minerals.

You’ve seen it on countless women in commercials, movies and advertisements. There’s an annual festival dedicated to celebrating it. There’s even a group of “Clayfaces” who came together to fight against Batman who are named after it. But what is so special about mud packs?

In honor of National Mud Pack Day on Sept. 30, we decided to highlight the benefits of a mud pack facial. We’ll tell you what this mud-infused treatment can do for you and where you can get a mud pack facial in the Corridor.

While watching a chick flick, you’re most likely to see the main character sporting a mud mask as part of her “girls night” or beauty routine. But mud pack facials aren’t only for women. What does mud really offer our skin?

According to Naturopathy Cure, mud contains “important minerals which have positive effects on human health.” This natural remedy website states that mud packs help improve the complexion of skin, reduce dark circles and absorb excess oils and toxins from the skin—for all people, not just women.

WebMD states that a mud pack must is a “must-have skin care product” and has the potential to tighten skin, soften lines, give pores a deep cleaning and moisturize dry skin.

Mud may be a natural remedy but a mud pack facial includes a good amount of additional nourishing elements.

According to Discovery Fit & Health, mud pack masks use mud or clay from “areas that have few, if any, contaminants” and can contain ingredients such as honey, aloe vera, witch hazel and jojoba oil. These additional natural ingredients can help sensitive skin without irritating it and soothe and heal skin.

If you’ve never had a mud pack facial or used a mud mask, Actual Organics gives a first-hand account of a mud mask experience.

The eco-friendly skin care website states that a mud mask “might be the best kept secret of looking radiant.” The site states that users undergoing this treatment may notice that pores “look more refined” and that a mud mask can “help reduce blackheads and improve the circulation in your skin.” Better circulation and pore refinement can account for glowing skin.

Now that you know some awesome benefits of a mud pack facial or mask, it’s time to go out and get one!

Grand Spa offers a “Glam Glow” treatment which includes a  Hungarian mud mask for $115. You can also buy a mud mask at Sephora Galleria or Ulta Prestonwood and give yourself an extraordinary mud pack facial at home.

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