How to Look Cute While Working Out

170082189resizeThere’s never a bad time to look cute.  Even when your sweating through a work out and panting like a dog, there are several ways to ensure that you will be looking your hottest as you’re flying down the treadmill.  With all the adorable workout clothes at the Galleria Dallas, looking cute while working out is not an issue. No matter how fit you are, here are some useful tips for looking your best while working out.

Sports bras: It is incredibly important to wear a fitted sports bra. This rule cannot be emphasized enough. Wearing a fitted sports bra is crucial to not only having a good workout, but also looking cute while doing it. A loose, not fitted sports bra will result in less support, making it more difficult to perform cardio exercises. There’s no excuse for an ill fitted sports bra, because Nike and Gap Fit carry adorable sports bras in every color. You may even want to try a bra that is already built in. Don’t be afraid to go extra bold with your sports bra. Sports bras are one of the only places where patterns and neon colors (even together), are accepted. Sports bras often peak out about the shirt or show through a transparent top.

Know your figure: Its normal to feel self conscious while working out with all the skintight tank tops and leggings. That’s why it’s important to know what works for you body. For example, maybe your not feeling so confident about your upper thighs, then go for a loose pair of running shorts.

Color and pattern: Your workout clothes should be fun and even inspire you to workout.  Solid colors for tops and bottoms are always a go to. Choose one of the colors to be colorful and bright. For example, if your wearing gray shorts, don’t be afraid to wear a pink top. Your sports bra can even be a neon yellow and should be peaking out only a little. Nike now carries adorable polka dot running leggings and Finish Line carries multicolored running shorts.

All about accessories: When you’ve got hair stuck to your face because of sweat, it’s impossible to look cute. To avoid this, just grab an adorable headband from Lululemon. They come in all different colors and have a helpful grip so they don’t fall off your head. A cute gym bag is necessary to wrap up your cute workout outfit.   Gym bags can store all the essentials like water bottles, books, keys, sunglasses and headphones all while making you look snazzy!

It’s safe to say that dressing up for a workout is more fun than dressing up for work. The opportunity to play with colors, textures and patterns will have you dying to get exercising! The Galleria Dallas offers an amazing selection workout gear at Finish Line, Forever 21, Gap, Macy’s, Nordstrom and Lululemon.

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